Johannes Cabal and the Mendacious Machine

Hello, all!

So. The urge to write this has been sitting in my noggin' for a long while, and then a mention of baking cake to celebrate Walpurgisnacht was made which tipped me over the edge, and this is a Johannes Cabal/Portal crossover what have I done.

Title: Johannes Cabal and the Mendacious Machine
Summary: Due to circumstances beyond his control - he never asked for that syringe to the neck, thank you very much - Johannes Cabal wakes up to find himself trapped in a mysterious glass cell. Armed with nothing but his wits (and a migraine), he attempts to negotiate his freedom. Unfortunately, there is no one with which to negotiate (or threaten, mostly threaten) for miles around. No one, that is, aside from a dull, distant, droning voice with a disquieting air of deceit…

Notes: This plays with Portal canon just a little bit; don't think about it too hard. You don't need to have played it to enjoy this story, either. Huge thanks to Radicarian for being an amazing beta!
(please check all cake jokes at the door, thank you)

“I have gazed upon creatures so great, so terrifying and so non-Euclidian that the merest glimpse of them would cause an average man’s brain to discharge violently from his ears; believe me, I’ve seen it happen.” It was true. It had taken him weeks to get the stains out of his shirt.

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The Fear Institute

Hey, gang,

"The Fear Institute" is coming out in the UK next week in paperback, so anyone who didn't get a hardback copy and who doesn't mind paying the shippping should order a copy now before it sells out again.  I don't know how large the print run is -- hopefully it's bigger than the hardback.

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Hello and some fan art


I'm new to the community and thought I ought to say hello to everyone. Cabal has quickly become my favorite fictional character, and I've enjoyed the books and short stories hugely (still have one story to track down, but I'm running low on book money).

Anyway, I did do a couple quick sketches while I was under the weather and bored out of my mind:

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aie! ftagn ftagn cthulhu

{Fanmix} Symapthy for the Unsympathetic Devil

So I know there are a few of you that saw this on the tumblr comm when I posted it like, what, two nights ago? Either way, this is the same mix, just with a better formatting!

( Fake-cut to my music comm! )

Please check it out :D

(PS I sort of stuck it under "fan projects" cause I didn't know where else to put it ffff)

Also, I'll post some of my cosplay photos later (though, again, most of you on tumblr have seen more than enough of my face I am sure fffff orz)

Fic - Human Nature to Miscalculate - Parts 10 and 11

Title: Human Nature to Miscalculate
Rating: PG-13 for fade-to-black sexual content in the first part.
Characters/Pairings: Cabal/Leonie in the beginning (increasingly less as the story progresses)
Summary: Cabal
was not a man who fancied mistakes, in himself or others. However,
it must be acknowledged that in some mistakes required a lapse in
judgment on two sides, rather than one, where the placement of
blame is a waste of good time and justifications.

Notes: Woooooo! I am halfway through! Part 11 is the middle point in the story, and the sequence of events that I’ve wanted to write since I started writing. There’s going to be more, but 11 is the chapter in which I knock down
ALL THE DOMINOES and things happen. There’s going to be one more
knocking down of dominoes at the end…but this was definitely the scene I
wanted to write way back when I began writing.
I'm really excited to get this part up.
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almost like a daydream

Trust is for Fools

So I said I'd post here once I finished the picture I was working on. Picture has been finished, so here I am! I rarely draw, much less alone do fanart, but I am quite proud of how this turned out. And, considering my last attempts at Johannes were a quick doodle and him from "Exeunt Demon King, I am quite proud that I can actually draw him normally.

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Either tonight when I get home from work, or tomorrow after work, I will start posting some of the fanfiction over here (I'll ask thewriter8 if I can post her stuff on here). I am also going to start another picture that involves a scene from The Detective.

I also will have some cosplay pictures in the coming week ahem.